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What are the symptoms of a bad alternator?

Bad alternator symptoms:

  • Dim lights. The failing alternator symptom most drivers recognize is dim or flickering lights. ...

  • Service engine light. Another obvious sign is the one your vehicle tries to tell you. ...

  • Odd noises. ...

  • Electrical issues. ...

  • Engine stalling. ...

  • Dead battery.

Can you jump start a car with a bad alternator?

Yes, you can jump start a car with a bad alternator. ... Anytime you jump start a car you are charging the battery as well. Also, the battery is rarely completely dead, just too dead to crank the engine, but it probably still has enough power to run the engine once it is started.

Is it my battery or alternator or starter?

Higher electrical demands on charging systems have increased alternator failures. Astarter that's failing may crank the engine too slowly for a quick start, or it may not crank the engine at all. Often, the problem is not the starter but a low battery or a loose or corroded battery cable connection.

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